Madison Taylor Design Signs 3 New Waterfront Homes – Custom Homes Barrie

The team at Madison Taylor Design is excited to announce the approval for 3 new waterfront homes in Barrie, Ontario.

Building with a designer allows you to plan your house from the ground up with a functional layout for all your wants and needs.  We think about the “nooks and crannies” of your home making sure that all areas are functional and that all areas make sense for your furniture that you already have or want to purchase…

This is a big concern with many new home constructions plans that are not fully developed on the inside prior.. Stairwells that don’t fit you perfect couch or bed frame.. A narrow living room that you just can’t figure out a layout for..bathrooms with no storage..Kitchens that don’t have enough seating and can’t fit your buffet!  The list goes on..

Let Madison Taylor Design in on your project so you can have the perfect space for all of your perfect stuff 🙂

Madison Taylor Design – Building and designing Barrie’s finest renovations and new home construction. 

Madison Taylor Design Welcomes 2 new Employees to the Team!

Madison Taylor Design would like to welcome Vanessa Rogerson as design assistant and Melissa Franklin as Design Associate to the team!  WE have an exciting year ahead of us with several projects on the roster!  Madison Taylor Design covers Barrie, Collingwood, Innisfil, Orillia and surrounding areas for your design needs!

On the agenda for this winter is:

Custom Waterfront Home Completion.

New Waterfront Home Construction.

Custom Kitchen Renovation.

Custom Kitchen and Livingroom Design.

Basement Renovation with Bathroom Design.

Family Room Millwork and Furniture Design.

Custom Fireplace Design.

Email for more information on how we can help you with your renovation needs! or visit for information, portfolio and to submit a quote request! Don’t wait, tackle your prject in the winter so you can enjoy your summer!

Madison Taylor Design – Interior Design and Custom Home Management –  Barrie.

Interior Design Barrie


Designing with Juxtaposition – Interior Design Barrie

Madison Taylor Design practices with juxtaposition.

Combining raw materials with contemporary lighting and plumbing fixtures will create that warm and inviting atmosphere.

The texture of the barn board and grey tones were applied to the rear wall for the focal point and then accented with the Azzure slipper tub, Elk Solace light fixture and Riobel Salome tub faucet.  Madison Taylor used feminine lines in all of the plumbing and lighting adding a touch of “flare” to the area.  A warm cream honed limestone was used on the floor surface to add the softness and warm tones.

A well balanced area with texture, shine, flare, warm and cool tones and balance.

Designing unique areas for the GTA and SImcoe County.

Madison Taylor Design – Interior Design BarrieFeminine Flare

Madison Taylor Design Builds on Barrie Waterfront

Madison Taylor Design shows off creativity with this beautiful custom home on Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie, Ontario.  With a complimentary mix of materials, Madison Taylor Design takes it to a whole new unique level.  Barn board, board and batten, stone and timber detailing set this design apart from others with its individuality and contemporary colour scheme.

The exterior of your home is just as important as the living space and interior of your home. Creating an approachable and warm curb appeal will be the first and last impression your home will leave on your guests.  Stand out with unique and unpredictable materials as well as a front entry door that makes a statement.

Madison Taylor Design is happy to share their touch on Barrie’s own waterfront with a project on its final stages and another one booked for this spring.  Stay tuned for final pictures and our new project!

Madison Taylor Design – Interior Design Barrie




Interior Design Barrie – Madison Taylor Launches NEW Website!

Check out Madison Taylor Design Inc.’s NEW Website!

Madison Taylor has taken their services to a new level.. With understanding the importance of organization and planning ahead, Madison Taylor Design now offers all of the services that will allow you to do just that.  From the design concept, to budgeting, scheduling and purchasing, right to the final install Madison Taylor Design can take your project all the way.

The importance of a packaged project is that there is one person over seeing everything right from the start which eliminates the chance to go over budget and over deadlines.

The way Madison Taylor Design structures their fees is by giving what they can back to the client.  There is a 17.5% percentage rate for project management however includes all of the discounts that are obtained by Madison Taylor Design, therefore 90% of the time, you are saving more on products than you are spending on management fees! It’s a no brainer!

Call Madison Taylor Design today for project management on your custom home solution!

Madison Taylor Design Inc – Interior Design Barrie

Interior Design Barrie – Design for Spring 2012

Time to freshen up and add a splash of colour to your space for spring 2012!

A few different ways to add colour to your space without having to break the bank or redesign…

Buy some fresh cut flowers or arrange a set of vases for your coffee table or entryway.

Colourful Vases to Brighten Things up!








Organize a few new throw pillows with the latest patterns and colours.

Splash of Colour with Throws and Pillows









Lay down a new rug and drape that bare window with some bright and light window coverings.

Area Rugs and Window Coverings









Change the look of your space AND on a budget!

The importance of an Interior Designer When Planning Your New Custom Home – Interior Design Barrie

Are you planning to build a new custom home in Barrie or surrounding area in the next year or two?  Before you get deep into planning, contemplate this.

Interior Designer’s are able to space plan the interior of your home so that it makes sense even after the furniture goes in.  We think about the function of each room, the aesthetic appeal as well as construct ability of the space.  How many homes have you been in with awkward corners and weird transition spaces on the inside, even after it was just built?  Does your couch fit in the door?  Does that king size bed turn the sharp corner of yours stairs?

When doing your initial space plan we consider the furniture pieces that will eventually be entering the space as well as the final colours and accessories.  So before you move in all of those awkward spaces have been resolved and your furniture will fit exactly how we planned it.  No big surprises!

Madison Taylor Design works with Architectural Technologists to make sure that the inside and the outside of your house makes sense; both aesthetically and functionally.  When your design package is finished you will have a comprehensive and intuitive drawing set and specifications package.  All that will be left will be the actual build of your new custom home.  Madison Taylor Design stays involved from start to finish to ensure that the intention of your plans stay in tact and that the final product is delivered exactly how it was intended to.

So next time you are thinking about building a home, think about an interior design, help your home make sense from start to finish, AND look great too!

Madison Taylor Design Inc; Interior Design BarrieFireplace extravaganza



Interior Design Barrie – How Can Interior Design Define You and Your Family?

What does interior design mean to you?  So many of you probably hear the words “interior design” and immediately think of HGTV, W Network, TLC and DIY Network.  Several tv series where Designers, contractors and decorators are taking existing spaces and flipping them into fabulous new defined interiors.  Don’t you wish that was your poor home on the television?  It needs help, doesn’t it?

Can you incorporate interior design into your home or office space?  Let’s start with asking the question, do you find that you suffer from any of the following disorders;  old dirty laundry room, wasted unfinished basement, boring master bedroom / en-suite or a lustre lacking kitchen?  Most of you probably answered “yes” on more than one occasion…Well let us show you how we can transform those sorry spaces into luxurious, elegant and personalized interiors. Madison Taylor Design is your answer!

Madison Taylor Design can take your space to the next level.  Beginning with a consultation, we will determine your needs, wants and desires and begin formulating a plan to boost that boring space. We will then provide a preliminary plan of action in which you will be able to review two design concepts. Next is final design, where the plan is fully develop with your favourable concept, into a detailed and organized design package. Madison Taylor Design will then work with your team of contractor’s, or a recommended team if you haven’t already selected your own and voila! Magic! A new fabulous interior.

Tempting isn’t it?  Don’t let your neighbour beat you to the task!



Living Design













Madison Taylor is the owner and operator of an Interior Design company in Barrie, that offers upscale residential designs.  Creating luxurious living through inspired design. M

Interior Design Barrie – Millwork Design with Madison Taylor

Have you ever thought of incorporating custom millwork design into your space?  Millwork is the magic behind many space planning solutions.  Let us incorporate a walk in closet, family room entertainment center, storage solution, or custom home office into your space by providing a custom Millwork design.  Madison Taylor Design has paired up with a few millwork companies this summer that use state of the art techniques and quality materials to complete your home solution.  Jump into your millwork project by submitting a quote request at Madison Taylor Design.  See how we can improve your home.


Murphy Bed and Wall Unit Solution

Madison Taylor Design, your interior design Barrie solution.