We Offer Several Design Services

Madison Taylor Design offers several design services that will assist in the transformation of your home. We will work with you through these phases to achieve the best possible solution for both the function and appearance of your space.

Design Consultation – Furniture, Lighting & Colour

Design consultation meetings are provided so that we can get to know you better and design effectively towards your own personal goals. In this process we will discuss your wants and needs for the space as well as the budget and timeline. We will also help you to understand what your style is and how it can be defined using colours, lighting, furniture and décor.

Renovation, Addition and Space Planning

Madison Taylor Design will help you with your major renovation or addition project by presenting you with a functional space plan that is suitable for you and your family. We will be providing you with a detailed design package that includes drawings, furniture, finish and lighting schedules. This package will assist your builder or contractor in ensuring that your new space provides you with an aesthetically appealing design and optimal function. If you are not comfortable choosing your own contractors or builder, Madison Taylor Design can assist you in choosing a preapproved contracting team that has a history of quality craftsmanship.

Kitchen and Bath Design

Madison Taylor Design will take your existing kitchen or bath to the next level by designing an exclusive space using custom designs, unique lighting and distinctive products. We will also ensure that all of your personal ambitions are incorporated into the space in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Custom Millwork Design

Millwork and furniture design can be incorporated into many areas of your home giving it that custom appearance. Some of the millwork packages that we offer include; home theatre, fireplace design, storage, trim work, headboards, built in bedside tables and home office solutions. We will provide detailed drawings that will include lighting and finish selections, which will assist our millwork team in the final design of the product.

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  1. Hey Madison I had no clue you did interior designing:) My Wife and I just purchased a home in Marchmont and we are planning renovations and would like to incorporate what you could bring to the table. Feel free to email or call 7057968324 John And Amy Rubino.

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