The importance of an Interior Designer When Planning Your New Custom Home – Interior Design Barrie

Are you planning to build a new custom home in Barrie or surrounding area in the next year or two?  Before you get deep into planning, contemplate this.

Interior Designer’s are able to space plan the interior of your home so that it makes sense even after the furniture goes in.  We think about the function of each room, the aesthetic appeal as well as construct ability of the space.  How many homes have you been in with awkward corners and weird transition spaces on the inside, even after it was just built?  Does your couch fit in the door?  Does that king size bed turn the sharp corner of yours stairs?

When doing your initial space plan we consider the furniture pieces that will eventually be entering the space as well as the final colours and accessories.  So before you move in all of those awkward spaces have been resolved and your furniture will fit exactly how we planned it.  No big surprises!

Madison Taylor Design works with Architectural Technologists to make sure that the inside and the outside of your house makes sense; both aesthetically and functionally.  When your design package is finished you will have a comprehensive and intuitive drawing set and specifications package.  All that will be left will be the actual build of your new custom home.  Madison Taylor Design stays involved from start to finish to ensure that the intention of your plans stay in tact and that the final product is delivered exactly how it was intended to.

So next time you are thinking about building a home, think about an interior design, help your home make sense from start to finish, AND look great too!

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  1. Many Thanks for the post. We recently redecorated the whole house by ourselves which was a huge task. Using just magnolia and cream for the maajority downstairs, it looks just right.Thanks for sharing good interior design blogs.Since last couple month i was searching of quality blog related to interior design. home interiors in chennai

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